Our Newest Additions

Our Newest Additions

A Little About the Paros

This past June 27th, our twin girls were born! It was an amazing time and we are daily reminded of how incredibly blessed we are to be their parents. We are super busy taking care of two but wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun with Sister

It is so fun now that the girls are aware of each other. They look for each other in the room and smile and talk to each other. I can't wait to see their relationship develop.

Loving our Hats

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Love of a Parent

After having these two blessings for four months now I am beginning to understand how much a parent loves their children. Rhett and I were chatting in bed the night before Zoe's surgery and I shared with him how I am experiencing a new kind of love. With all our concerns with how young she is and being exposed to the medications, my heart just hurt worrying about her. I realized that I would literally do whatever I could to keep her and her sister safe. I then began to compare my love for the twins to my love for my husband. I always want Rhett to be the priority and our marriage to be the center of our home. Of course, that was convicting, so I began to pray that that would be true of our home and our family. Those thoughts quickly led to the love God the Father has for Christ, me, and the rest of his children. This is so evident in His act on the cross. This love is so humbling.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting to Know Each Other

The last two weekends Rhett and I have had the opportunity to spend time with the birth parents. What a great time it has been. I am normally a shy, quiet person who can never seem to find anything to say around people I don't know. God has broken down those walls and just provided comfortable and enjoyable conversation. Now that is a miracle. Another miracle is the man God has given me to live the rest of my life with. Rhett loves people and people love Rhett. So even if I am unsure of what to say, Rhett is able to interact and genuinely love those around him. What a blessing he is to me and a good example of love.
The first weekend together we went to the Sacramento Zoo together. We were able to walk and talk and get to know each other. After, we went to one of my favorite places to eat, BJ's. Yum!
This last weekend we were able to spend Easter fellowshipping at her church. Their church meets in a coffee shop in Rocklin. The coffee shop is a ministry of the church. They have over a hundred volunteers that work different shifts and any profit made goes directly to free women from sex trafficking. I did not know this but Sacramento is number 3 in the nation for this kind of activity. What a ministry the church has been able to have through a simple coffee shop.
The message was refreshing. We also had the opportunity to meet some of her friends as well as her two boys.
I spent some time last night texting her and planning our next get together. She has invited me to her next ultrasound in May. I am thrilled and honored to go with her. So hopefully we will have some fun pictures to show you soon.
We are praying everyday for the birth parents, the safety of the babies, and the family God is bringing our way!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Abundantly Above All We Asked and Expected

I am numb, in a good way, as I sit here and write. I cannot believe all that God has blessed us with. On Monday, April 4th, Rhett and I met with birth-parents. As we walked into Mimi's Cafe, we felt a peace and our interaction was comfortable. We enjoyed getting to know them and felt a connection right away. We walked out an hour and a half later so excited for what God might bring our way. We heard from our social worker later that day. She confirmed that things went well and that the birth-parents were going to take a couple days and would get back to us soon.

Today, April 7th, while eating lunch at a dear friends house, I got the call. Come June we will be the proud parents of twin girls. It is still so unreal. The whole day has been filled with phone calls, texts, and reading sweet comments on Facebook.

We have just been truly overwhelmed at the love and support we have been given. During the times of waiting, I had people telling me that the waiting was killing them and they weren't even the ones adopting. I had friends who told their friends and they had their families praying for us. It has been so humbling to be loved and prayed for as much as we have. Thank you all so much for your excitment, tears, prayers, and support. We are truly blessed to have you a part of our lives and our two young ladies will be also.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The First of Two

We got the first exciting phone call. This past Thursday we heard from a social worker at Bethany that a birthmom wanted to meet us. We knew our profile was being looked at by her. After three weeks of waiting, we found out that she had chosen another family to meet with. We sought the Lord's comfort through that and then came the call. She met with the other family but still wanted to meet us. So we meet her and the birthfather this coming Monday @ 11:00. We are so excited to meet them and look forward to getting to know them. It is so comforting to know that the Lord is in control. If we are not the parents for these twins then God has another family for them and another child for us. What comfort to be able to trust in an almighty, loving God.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Previewed Profile

It has been 7 months of waiting. A handful of birthmoms have seen our profile and we have come close a few times. As we find out about possible matches, Rhett and I pray that the Lord brings us the right baby and that these babies are given to the family that God has planned for them. We are constantly speaking truth to ourselves and trusting in God's sovereignty. Thank you for all the support and prayers.